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Visual Design

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Redesign Twitter's developer blog to match its current brand identity and design system.


My role

• Sketching
• Wireframing
• Prototyping
• Visual Design
• UI/UX Design

The team

Senior Visual Designer: Graydon Driver
Marketing Director: Amy Udelson
Senior Marketing Manager: Dana Corbett
Senior Engineer: Neha Hassija


2 months



💭 Strategy

My goals were to:

Establish clear visual hierarchy between the different sections and headings.

Create accessible designs by ensuring they are perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.

Explore unique solutions that allow for featured content, announcements, and CTA sections.

✏️ Sketches

📐🔨 Mid-Fidelity

Elements were pulled from each of these designs to create the final design.

🚫 Challenges

Some of the challenges I encountered were:

Authoring issues: The published designs did not match the final designs (i.e. issues with spacing, font weight, image placement, etc.)

Mobile optimization: Images on mobile were getting cropped, when they should dynamically switch to the mobile version of the image.

Too many ideas: Due to time constraints, we needed to launch the new blog with the minimum amount of features necessary.

Limited existing components: Some of the ideas we had in the discovery stage were unable to be implemented due to limited existing components in the design system.

✨ Final Designs

Check out the scrollable prototypes below.

Home Page

Blog Page


Final Product
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Twitter Developer Blog Redesign

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