Season 2 Reloaded: Roadmap


Create the key art that will be used to promote Season 2.5 in Call of Duty: Warzone & Cold War. Key art will be primarily used for the roadmap.

Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop, Cinema4D

This project is Activision property. I do not own the rights to any of the materials in this project. The imagery on this page is purely for demonstrative use only. Blog Post

My contribution

Brainstorm Concepting Design

The team

Junior Designer: Maddy Wignall Senior Designer: Graydon Driver Art Director: Oz Deleon-Sulecio Accounts: Quinn Pendleton




My art director started off by walking me through the client brief. This update needed to feature Wolf (the primary operator), his dog, in a jungle setting. We were provided with character renders from Treyarch and our art director, Oz.

The junior designer started by creating a general wireframe that got cleared by the client to start. I started by creating different tonal and compositional directions for the client to pick from. These were low fidelity and only to show proof of concept. The colour grading was inspired by the primary Season 2 key art, and the movie poster for Apocalypto.

Once the client picked a direction, I composited the operator and his dog into the scene by colour grading and doing global + local lighting adjustments. I also added elements from Adobe Stock and made global + local lighting adjustments to the background.

We encountered multiple issues where the client didn't like the way the operator was holding his gun, his gun was too small, and the dog did not look menacing enough. We recreated the gun to make it look as though the operator was doing a tactical reload. We made edits to the dog's demeanor to make him more menacing.

Once the art was finalized, I handed it off to the junior designer to create the roadmap content.

Final Product
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The Season 2 Roadmap art was used as key art to promote Season 2 Reloaded for Call of Duty: Cold War & Warzone. Blog Post
Season 2 Reloaded: Roadmap

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