Optic Arts® DimCurve App


Develop & create application that designs and wirelessly programs custom dimming curves for light fixtures.

Programs Used:

Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Invision.

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My contribution

Design System Sketches Wireframes Design Prototype

The team

Product Designer: Graydon Driver R&D Director: Mason Barker




The Idea:

The R&D team started by researching the need for a program like this. The idea is that this app would be used to program light dimmers to have custom dim curves, which typically has to be done ahead of time by the lighting manufacturer — you would order the dimmer pre-programmed. A mobile application like this would be the first of its kind, which would be groundbreaking for the lighting industry.

The Goal:

Design a mobile app that lighting specifiers can use to program custom dim curves on on-the-go.

The Research:

I started this process by interviewing Mason Barker (R&D Director) and gaining more insight into the project and learning about the need that this would be solving. I then created user personas, user flows, and a sitemap to better understand how to build out the solve for this problem. I then moved on to create low-fidelity wireframes to show proof of concept for a general layout to Mason. Mason had some small tweaks, but ultimately signed off on the direction.

I spoke with a few different lighting designers and asked them questions about what they hoped the experience would be, along with asking some clarifying questions about their industry and understanding the practicality that they would like to see. I learned that since this would be used mostly at job sites, I would need to create an interface that is easy to use quickly, easy to swap between different dim curves, and easy to save custom dim curves.

The Design:

I created low fidelity wireframes that solved the needs of the lighting designers that I interviewed. I presented these wireframes to Mason. He had a few minor edits, but ultimately signed off for high fidelity design. I created UI elements that pertained to the Optic Arts design system by using brand colours, fonts, and iconography. Once the high fidelity screens were ready for review, I created a mockup of the interface. After some further edits from Mason, this app was ready to package up and ship over the developers.

Aaaaaaat Last:

The package was sent off to the developers, and Optic Arts® DimCurve was born.

Final Product
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Optic Arts® DimCurve is now being used by lighting designers across North America who specify their products with Optic Arts. DimCurve went on to win a Sapphire Award (2018) for Innovative Technology from LED Magazine.

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Optic Arts® DimCurve App

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